About My Blog

In This blog my purpose is to talk about sexism and the role of feminism in today’s society. I want to take stories and experiences from real people, including my own personal occurrences, and use the information to educate others in a positive manner. I also want to discuss the way that people in the media portray women and what factors slowing the progress of gender equality. If anyone out there has something they would like me to write about, or a story\experience they would like to share, please feel free to contact me, my email is katherineomuray@gmail.com

I want to make a note here to assure any readers that this is not a negative blog. I wont have posts that refer to man-hating or placing blame, that’s not what feminism is about. Instead I want this to be a way to show the good side of what being a feminist means and the struggles that women in today’s society have to deal with on a daily basis. My hope is to show a perspective that may get rid of some of the negative associations that are attached to the word Feminism.


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